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Intro for the Divine Bird

  • Jun. 10th, 2007 at 11:35 PM
*waves* I know all of you, and you all know me, but here anyway:

I fancy myself a writer, though I have issues with getting my stuff past the semi-readable state of a second or third draft. I think I do extremely well with polishing, even so, and my dialogue isn't really bad when I let people talk the way they're supposed to talk. ;)

My current project is the ever-so-creatively-entitled "Nemerenth Story", even though Nem is only a side character in the part I'm working on. It's just easier to keep calling it that. Right now, duskydawn is slogging through the first draft that I wrote in NaNoWriMo 2006 and is bleeding red pen all over the physical pages. I will be posting the first big revision when I'm done, and you guys can have at it.

I've also been working on "Created" with drakonlily for an age and a half. We are starting to make plans to actually meet halfway between our houses so we can work on the story with no interruptions. She is also coming to visit me in September, if all goes well. :D

I write space opera and fantasy, as well as some fanfic. The only piece I think I've ever written that takes place in anything like the real world is my Red Eye fanfic, which is only Real World (tm) in that it doesn't have magic spells or spacecraft. ;) It does, however have a metric fricktonne of UST and exploding buildings and car chases.

Uhh, shutting up now. Post, ladies, post! *cracks whip*


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